Email Marketing

Best in class in email inbox deliverability, strategy, list management, onboarding and behavioral analytics

We believe that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies with one of the highest ROIs. It allows you to connect in a personalized way, increasing engagement and deepening brand awareness with leads that may be new, returning, or current customers. We have created our own mailing platform that is capable of sitting on any engine to send any email campaign and garner real-time statistical information that is later inputted into our proprietary data behavioral analytics. IP and domain reputation are paramount to any email campaign if it is to be inboxed and successful, thus we provide expert support to monitor and create strategies to keep that reputation in the green zone. The first battle is to follow all the ever-changing rules and regulations that the ESPs mandate, but as important as it is to win that battle, you have to win the second battle, which is to ensure that your subject line and creative are noticed by the customer, which in turn improves your overall engagement, which is something that all ESPs are looking for in order to allow your campaign in the inbox. Then the final battle is to ensure that your message is resonating with your audience and that they are actively engaged with that message. Reporting is key in this endeavor and a must for any list longevity.


Validation, management, appending, processing and vaulting

Data is the most valuable asset of your company. When analyzed and monitored correctly, one is able to provide not only insights into your existing and potential customers but, more importantly, enhance or apply such knowledge to other ventures. Clean, organized, and up-to-date data not only helps your company meaningfully engage with customers, make business decisions with confidence, alter the route to maximize a trend, add value to the organization, and better inform your audience of products or services but also, more importantly, visualize other revenue streams that are otherwise hidden from plain sight. Email validation, bounce detection, AI data corrector, and abuse spam detection are only a few standard behaviors that are analyzed in the dataset. Real versus bot activity or automatic server action (ASA) is paramount to any data. Appending or enhancing data to match audiences with specific demographic or psychographic information about each dataset creates dossiers and profiles to identify new ecosystems or audience segments, potentially creating new revenue streams.

Research and Development

Staying ahead of the competition by catering new wants or needs in the market.

With more than 20 years of experience, WhyW8t has invested heavily in research and development to grow our performance-based data management marketing business. As technology has advanced, so too has our use of the latest tools. Using AI, cloud computing resources, and server slaving, we have built successful data models that were only dreams more than a decade ago. We continue to imagine new ways and means to bring our ideas and concepts to the forefront, knowing that most will fail and not make it to production, but thanks to those failures and our perseverance, we will ultimately produce a tool that we can run with and take to the finish line.


We value access to world-class healthcare, and intend to offer top dental and health insurance to our team.


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Sick Days

If you're sick we want you to get well and back on your feet so we provide paid sick days.

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Yes that's right if you are in-house at our Wyoming office you have free food, snacks as well as free beverages at your disposal.

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If you didn’t get it by now, we are all about our extended family of four-legged, tail-wagging rascals who make life that much better.

On Boarding

Of course, we believe in our 5 Ts, which is a formula created by our leadership to ensure your success: it is 3 parts WhyW8t and 2 parts You. What does that mean? It is simple: WhyW8t provides the Tools, Training, and Time, and you provide the Talent as well as the Temperament.